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Spring/Summer 2021



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Nolan Park, Bldg 10A, Governor’s Island, NY






The Workings of Media

[Art and Artists]

The Workings of Media [Art and Artists] is a series of presentations, workshops, open studios and exhibitions to understand social and cultural changes reflected through the lens of art and artists.  Curator and director Carol Parkinson has selected these artists because of their use of the new media technology including data sonification and visualization, immersive sound, smell and social networks.  The Art and Technology program is a component of our Creative Residency and Sponsored Projects programs and seeks to create a responsive public context for the appreciation of new work and to advance the art’s community and the public’s appreciation of the use of technology in art.

Exhibiting Artists-in-Residence:  Dafna Naphtali, Valerie Hallier, Charlotte Mundy, Joseph Morris, Andrew Haik Demirjian  

Opening May 8, 2021 – Closing October 31, 2021

Ticketed Entrance. Maximum occupancy: 15 people.



There are 3 appointment time windows available per day and each window is two hours. Time Windows are 11 am to 1 pm, 1 pm to 3 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm. You can bring up to 6 people in your appointment. If there is no appointment, viewers will be allowed to enter on a first come, first serve basis.



About the Harvestworks Art and Technology Program on Governors Island

The Art and Technology Program on Governors Island is centered on art works created at the intersection of art and technology. It includes artists open studios, exhibitions of digital media art, public workshops and performances in our educational research facility in Nolan Park.  Our goal is to provide exhibition opportunities to electronic media artists and also to educate the public about how artists use new and emerging technology for artistic expression.

Funded by mediaTheFoundation Inc., the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.



(in situ photographs of televisual artworks in dark room)




Each month the Autonomous Prism Collection will host and offer for sale the work of one Guest Artist. For the month of June we are excited to present the work of:


(South Africa)

click above image to learn more about Aldo Brincat’s “The Freedom Charter an The Beatitudes”




(Los Angeles)


click above image to learn more about Torie Zalben



In addition to traditional payment methods – Credit/Debit Card, Paypal – Cryoptocurrency Sales and ERC-20 Smart Contracts Are Also Available. All Purchases Come With Certifiate of Authenticty and will additionaly be Embedded with Our Studio Metadata.

More information about the theory behind our Sales Structure coming soon





Autonomous Prism Collection is a single serial artwork that consists of over 9,000 digital images created through digital collage and algorithmic manipulation, the works were made from 2010-present.

Each image array or sequence of images which individually the artist calls analysands, a term borrowed from psychoanalysis to mean an image, event or artifact that is to be analysed, display both an immense amount of variation and at the same time a strong ‘genetic’ continuity.

The majority of the Autonomous Prism Collection are images chosen from 249K total images that were made from a single source video found on his computer screen one night while working at an art residency in Berlin. Interestingly, the artist titled this seminal video artifact as Black Mirror in 2010 and exhibited the work in Downtown LA in 2011 predating the popular sci-fi/futurist televisual series).

Works from the collection will tokenized as ERC-20 coins to built to philanthropic artwork gifting ecosystem: an altruistic artwork backed network, marketplace and exchange.

Writing About Collection

Luminous Potentialities by Negarra A. Kudumu


Upcoming Exhibition



ArtOnTv is an art tv channel on Roku, with its FireTV version of AOTV coming soon.

JULY 01, 2021



AOTV aims to act as 1) an archive for viewing digitized artworks 2) an exploration of a broader range of exhibition spaces available and normalized for artists of al media, curators, collectors, galleries, museums and institutions. “Broader range of viewing/exhibition spaces” in this sense means both audience, Roku has a usership of 47M, FireTV 35M for instance and then in terms of the variety and dimensions of viewing spaces.

In its cryptocurrency wallet display feature, each AOTV-featured subchannel, show, and series provided by content-creators becomes a checkout portal linking directly to their own wallets.

Additionally a tv viewer of a presentation can be linked to an online store of gallery or an artist’s site for instance through an on-screen QR Code.




Originally trained as a painter, US born and based artist Jakob LeBaron Dwight was drawn to digital art and software as an opportunity to explore the transformative impact of digital media on painting and the painterly perspective. Inspired by the opiated, meditative quality of the screen-based televisual space, the artist saw the exploration of the illuminated image as significant to contemporary sensory culture.

The artist seeks the transformative potential of light and space by employing multiple media including painting, digital photography, drawing, collage, smart tv streaming, and the dome master (circular ‘fisheye’ images produced in the process of making fulldome video).

Dwight’s work has been presented internationally, including in Amsterdam, Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin, Seattle, Atlanta, Vienna, Salzburg (Austria) and New York. He has exhibited in Kassel, Germany as part of the Kreuzberg Pavillon at dOCUMENTA (13), 2012. In the same year, he was awarded the Harvestworks New Works residency in New York. In 2010, Dwight was invited to attend GlogauAIR artists’ residency in Germany, and in the following year, 2011, he was awarded a United States Artist’s Residency. As part of Aesthetics+Therapeutics Lab, a collectively run platform developed to initiate installations and experiments in immersive art and healing, Dwight has installed a multi-sensory environment at Vortex Immersion Media Dome at LA Center Studios in 2014. He was commissioned by the Seattle Art Museum to create new work for the Disguise: Masks and Global African Art exhibition at UCLA’s Fowler Museum, which traveled to the Brooklyn Museum, New York in April 2016.


1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair with 50Golborne Gallery (2019), London, UK, Brooklyn Museum, NY (2016), Seattle Art Museum (2015), Sedition, (world-wide/online) London, UK-based, Fowler Museum at UCLA (2015), Los Angeles, CA, Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival and New York Electronic Arts Festival, NY, Metro54, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Grand Bohemian Hotel / Kessler Collection Hotels, Birmingham, AL, Hotel Particulier, NY, and AKAA, Paris, France.


Duke Ellington School of the Arts (DC)

Peggy Cooper Cafritz (DC)

Harvestworks Digital Media Art Center (NY)

Glogauer Art Residency (GER)

Steve Spacek (AUS)



1) Singing of Sorrows, Singing of Sweetness by Eiliyas


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