A Step-by-Step Multiplatform Walkthrough for Artists, Galleries and Collectors

This second [and final?] installation of Whitehot Magazine’s Artworld with Noah Becker NFT Symposium would be a detailed walkthrough on Zoom and|or IG carried out on a number of platforms in the fields of wallets, marketplaces, blockchain registries like Etherscan – so collectors and gallerists can know how to manually track their transactions and authenticity of works.

Moderated by ARTTEch Specialist at Whitehot Jakob Dwight, guests would include Alexandra Damsker who has been a key leader in the NFTsphere thusfar, sharing a ton of insights into the innerworkings and legality of NFT’s on Clubhouse, Donna Redel, a member of MoMA Board of Advisors and an expert in the ArtTech realm, and a gallerists and an artist as performative students who the aforementioned would walk through the process.

It’s been my finding that the only hold up to more artists, galleries and serious collectors, besides not understanding the technology, is where to begin, how to begin, trepidation/hesitation in establishing wallets for instance. This was also stated by I believe cryptoexpert Damsker herself in Clubhouse last week, I whole heartedly agree. This event would be about breaking down that fear to a technology that for the most part can greatly embetter the collecting experience for all parties involved, protecting everyone, galleries, collector and artists.