in memory of mentor of artist Jakob Dwight and multiple sexual assault survivor Peggy Cooper Cafritz


1) Unseat anyone on the Participant Board of Directors who knew and failed to speak up

2.) Have John, Gary and April as well as everyone who knew participate in the auction to pay for the creation and launch of the $ATO token, a coin on the blockchain that will be for atonement purposes across a vast field of populational distress and historical wrongdoing, where participation means either helping to find collectors to buy or bidding themselves on the first offerings of artworks. 

the ATO token will go towards support the following activities and more:

Fundraising for the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault (NYCAASA)

Transgender Antidefamation and Human Genomic Physiological Education Programs 

A Relaunch of  Asylum.Institute, Black American Asylum, Economic Migration and Relocation, Reparations and Universal Basic

Healthcare and Mental Health Services, 

Launch of Suicide Prevention in Indigenous Communities through Arts Programming, partnering Denver Arts Tech

Support for families who have been affected by gang related gun violence in Chicago areas

Fundraising for the NYC’s Coalition for the Homeless Rape Crisis Center

The floor price for the works auctioned will be $7M and that auction is open now and will close December 24

3.) Write to every museum and collector of Lovett/Codagnone work and explain why you’re contacting them, explaining this situation, and give them the option of deaccessioning Lovett/Codagnone work. BCC me but again, do not mention my name in the body of email.

4.) on behalf of multiple sexual assault survivor and my mentor Peggy Cooper Cafritz, A. project manage for one month the creation student-focussed scholarship program that I am setting up with their Admin now to last for the life of the school, B. *privately nominate the students that stood up to Dave Chappelle and their allies to Museum of the Courageous, contact Everard Findlay, do not mention my name to Everard.

*because they are minors, and so as not to single them out for bullying they are not to be named without their consent, that of their parents and the school admin. Until then the nominated should be referred to as a group, referring to their young human rights guardianship and heroism.

5.) If there is a film or any documentation of my comatosed body destroy it

6.) Film an apology (one minute max) by Tony Udofia for teasing me by posting a nude Gary Indiana picture on my timeline

7.) A. as my work is being leveraged for altruistic and scholarship purposes, as it was always meant to be, form and maintain a body of collectors to insure the fair market value of the works is kept at a stable price and 2) reassessed annually by the beginning of their calendar year for the life of the Duke Ellington School by an independent board of digital art appraisers/art advisors, and B) undo any damage to my reputation, especially any damage done in an attempt to invisiblize or discredit me or my work