Autonomous Prism Collection’s

Art, Technology and Altruism (ATA) Ecosystem

Representing a next use-case phase of tokenized (NFT) electronic art

art as charitable giving ecosystem, an artwork gifting stream


Educating a new generation of women through digital literacy and community building.

Their vision and mission is to empower women and girls through digital education to positively inspire and connect them to a world beyond their borders. For the rest of 2021 Autonomous Prism Collection will embrace this same vision with a specific focus on an issue that absolutely should not exist in this world, the near-universal vilifaction, hatred and fear of menstruation and the incidents of harassment, attacks, shaming and bullying that happen to girls and women surrounding this natural biological process, in far too many societies internationally. This issue was brought to APCollection’s attention by the fearless work of Andelay Empower and a percentage of the proceeds will go towards continuing their striving to address this issue internationally.

In addition to fundraising for Digital Citizen Fund, APCollection aims to raise funds for global programming in the areas of communications/media, education, politics and religion, for instance working with local religiious and community centers to support them in protecting girls and women from these terrible acts and major causes of distress for far too large a population of the world, and that, again, should not be happening at this point in the evolution of the human story.

The support of women and girls is not only the right thing to do in terms of ethics, but it also a logical, economic and survivalistic imperative as the World Economic Forum’s newest findings from their decades-long experiments have shown that empowering women and girls in every way saves societies.

As for blockchain, this project represents for APCollection our truest hopes regarding the medium and technology, that it can help those that have the will to change things do so – where superstructures before now made that change too daunting and even impossible a task, especially for those with limited means.

Artworks go on sale early this week.


Andelay Empower

ANDELAY means “together“ in Amharic and is a non-profit organization set up to break the silence, abolish the stigma and limiting harmful beliefs around menstruation worldwide and particularly in developing countries. We aim to connect and collaborate with everyone already working in this field as well as with all those open to assist individually.  We invite groups everywhere to unite and continue speaking up as a collective catalyser to drive this movement forward.  We all have such great empowering capacities to discover free from limiting beliefs.  We are  here to innovate ways of rising up TOGETHER.

Andelay’s primary mission is to ensure that more girls are able to rise above the stigma and shame of menstruation while finishing their education. We also encourage and support men to become more aware so future generations of girls will be empowered by society as a whole.


We people of the world (ANDELAY, together) must increase the awareness of the drastic and unfair situation where still way too many girls and women find themselves disadvantaged in regards to the menstruations due to the ostracism and stigmatization they have to face encouraged by strong limiting beliefs protected by the general silence on the topic.


Museum of the Courageous

…is a museum dedicated to those standing up against hatred and acts of hate in their communities.

For a limited time, matching every NFT, Cryptocurrency, or traditional sale of works (credit card, Paypal ie), one artwork will be either donated to in the name of the collector to the Museum of the Courageous or used simlarly as fundraising item for educational programming for the same or similar cause as well as for the museum’s further overall programming.