Autonomous Prism (MSK08.91|90909)



This is the first artwork selected from the Autonomous Prism Collection to be lazy minted and sold as a Pre-NFT/Cryptocurrency-enabled sale.

The Autonomous Prism Collection is a collection of 9K+ digital artworks made from a single source file in 2010, a video glitch artifact found on the artist’s screen one day during an art residency in Berlin that the artist has remixed for the decade since coming across it. Works form the collection have been shown in Brooklyn Museum (2016) and Seattle Art Museum (2015) in their exhibition Disguise: Masks and Global African Art.

The NFT edition of this work has been lazy minted at OpenSea and will be transferred to the buyer’s wallet from there.  If the buyer doesn’t have a wallet and no plans to resell the artwork for a while or be active in the NFT market space the work will just be stored OpenSea and EtherScan where it can be referenced on the Blockchain for Proof of Authenticity.




The Lazy Minted Version of this artwork is stored at OpenSea and documented on Ethereum’s blockchain, viewable at Etherscan

Please allow up to 24 hours for the NFT edition of this artwork to be transfered (at no additional cost to purchaser) from OpenSea to the address from which the work is purchased. You can view the OpenSea private listing of this work here.

Note: The digital download accessible upon purchase of this work here is NOT an official NFT but rather the artwork/image with manually embedded metadata listing it’s 1) Artwork Descriptions, 2) Recording it’s List Price and Final Sale Price and 3) Pointing to its Contract Address on EtherScan. This is what we are calling a MidNFT. 

Learn more about the theory behind this structure here



Contract Details (from EtherScan):

Contract Address:  0x495f947276749Ce646f68AC8c248420045cb7b5e

Token ID:  10236553343639530594547271298364351487464302355302763349581479382986520526849

Blockchain Storage: Ethereum, through OpenSea

Format: jpg    Dimensions: 1947 x 2560 px

Copyright Transferred Upon Sale:  No