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N’CHI is a sci-fi world-building simulator and micronation generator that explores new civilizations through the analysis and collection of their respective artifacts.

N’CHI is a sci-fi world-building simulator and micronation generator.
N’CHI chronicles the longheld interaction of several hominid species on a newly discovered exoplanet called SDAAV91QMi, shortened to Sdaav, pronounced stahv. through the cultivation of interplanetary Natural and Cultural History Museums filled with artifacts from these populations, their cultures and environments.
N’CHI Users will take up avatars at varying levels of Organization – Self, Group / Tribe / Clan, CityState, Nation – and respond to a continuum of challenges thrown at them by their hostile new world reported in news feeds and interactive maps, and fight for their nation’s survival through the capture of various forms of energy and the strategic macromanagement of national resources.
Mobile Art and Cosplay Fair
The in-app action and gameplay of N’CHI will lead up to a mobile and ongoing pop-up art fair called N’CHI Immersive, a live action role play interactions and meet-ups in artspace
N’CHI Immersive is where players can bring their avatars and nations to life through the poetic display of their artifacts and cultural capital in curated and scheduled art installations, exhibitions, and rituals.