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One of the first digital pieces I ever did in 2000. Coming from painting I foundn that I could experiment in early software the ame properties that excited and challenged  me in oil painting, namely chiaroscuro, the handling of light, space and line. My earliest art inspuration was ceramic, so at the time of making this I challenged myself to always retain and return to the quality of clay in the works as I made my way into full-on digitality. A self-oppositionalist, I challenged myself addition to 1) maintain the uniquesness of my “artist’s hand” and not let technology speak for me, 2) seeing that with this software the infinite maximalist collage was possible, I challenged myself to find the simple indispensible image that represented compression and complexity and simplicity simultaneously.

I bring this image out now because it is a real artifact in my body of work, but also because the world has arguably (factually in some metrics) gotten worse on many levels since this work was created.  The same populations and demographics who were suffering then are suffering now and for many the same reasons

Blockchain technology allows us an opportunity to address the last remaining great problems of the world with an amazing new infrastructure, with incredible efficiency so I felt was appropriate to return to my roots as a digital artist, turning back to the hope that I had for the world then, which can more easily be activated now thanks to this skybreaking technology.

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